All the hats Legend of Panama are available online on and in shops from our official and authorized suppliers which guarantee the authenticity and quality of the hats. These shops are the only ones allowed to deliver the certified label ‘Legend of Panama’. You can check their reliability by contacting our legal assistance on .

The price is available online on in most countries or from the authorized shops? If you have any doubt, or for any additional request, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service by emailing to or via this contact form.

If the hat has been bought online on the official website or from one of our partner shops (list here), the genuineness of the product is guaranteed through various proves of excellence and you will be given advice about how to keep and take care of your hat. We are not providing any authentication service after the purchase and you will have to check by yourself the reliability of the suppliers by contacting our legal assistance on .

If you want to know where to find one of the hats, you can directly contact the closer supplier. He will be able to give you all the information about the required model in your area: availability, authenticity, advice about the size, hat caring or storing. If necessary you will also have the opportunity to order from the supplier and receive your hat in the shop.

If the order has been made online, you will receive an email with all the information concerning your order including the invoice in PDF. This invoice can be printed or downloaded from your mailbox. If your confirmation email or your invoice were lost, please send a message to or use this contact form. If the order has been done from a shop, you will be given an invoice and a proof of purchase directly after your payment but our suppliers are free to apply their own policy in terms of invoice. In this case, Legend of Panama doesn’t have any obligation to provide a copy and is not responsible for the supplier payment policy.


There is no need to create any account on during your order. You will be only asked your mail address to receive the confirmation order, the invoice or to follow the purchase and your post address to deliver the product.

As Legend of Panama creates unique and personalized hats, the making and delivery times vary depending on the models. Once the payment confirmation has been received, the order is secured and a delivery time will be estimated. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a second email with an order follow-up number and a link in order to update the delivery time. If you have any questions, please send an email to our customer service or complete this contact form.

You can cancel any order by quickly contacting the customer assistance on or via this contact form and this before your hat is shipped. If it is too late you will have to wait until you receive the hat and send it back through a specific process according to our policy for returns and refunds. You can see the terms on our official website on the page Customer Service.

After your order has been validated, it will not be possible to change your address. Make sure the one you have entered during your purchase is the good one, but if not, you will have to cancel your order as soon as possible and make a new one with the right address. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer assistance if you have any doubt on or via this contact form.

As each model is unique and especially made for you, it will be impossible to change the size, color, model or the quantity of items after your order confirmation. However, you can simultaneously place another order and you will return the first one as soon as received according to our policy for return and refunds. You can see the terms on our website on the page Customer Service.

If you make your purchase online on, you can use your Visa card, Mastercard, American Express card or your Paypal account. To know about the payment policy of our official shops, please contact them directly.

The security of your personal or bank data are our priority. A protection system secured all the information given online through a SSL 128 bits certificate and nothing is stored on our servers. You can check this optimal protection through the https:// before our URL address.

The information you share are strictly dedicated to Legend of Panama personal use and are private and confidential. They are only used in order to answer your requests and to ensure a full customer satisfaction with the respect of your privacy. We undertake to disclose, to reveal or to sell none of your information to any third party whatever the reasons. For additional information, please consult our privacy policy document.

When you order online, you are supposed to receive an order confirmation 48 hours after your payment has been validated. If not, please check there is no error in your email address, then collect all the order information that may help us to identify you and contact us by sending an email to the customer assistance on or via this contact form.

If you order online on, you can receive your order in any countries with the delivery fees, the custom duties or any taxes from the country and with a longer delivery time. You will be given the possibility while ordering to decide your expedition country and to have access to the details. When transaction and expedition are made by Legend of Panama there will be no fees and no additional amount to pay after ordering.


All our hats Legend of Panama are hand-made in Ecuador, in the towns of Montecristi and Cuenca by craftsmen who have an exceptional know-how based on ancestral techniques passed down from generation to generation. For any additional information, please go to our page Our Know-How.

Taking care of one’s Panama hat and storing it carefully will guarantee its longevity and its quality years after years. You just need to know the right deed to wear it, carry it, clean it or store it. Please go to our page How to Take Care of my Hat.

All the hats Legend of Panama cannot be folded. Please ensure there is the mention ‘foldable’ or ‘rollable’ on it before trying. Rolling a hat that has not been conceived to can irrevocably damage it. Moreover some very precise instructions about the transport of rollable-labelled hats must be respected and used only occasionally. You are recommended to go to our page How to roll up my hat before trying it.

All the hats Legend of Panama are not waterproof. The finely and tightly woven hats are more resistant to water but it is strongly not recommended to expose any hat to rain or high humidity. Exposing them to water will damage the fibres, distort the shape and may leave stains. Please go to the page How to Take Care of my Hat for more information.


You can contact Legend of Panama sending an email to our customer service at:
or contact form.

If you have any questions about the reliability of a retailer or their privacy policy, please send an email to our legal assistance at:

If you want to learn more about our hats - hat making, caring, cleaning, storing…- please consult the different pages on our website at: and follow the table of contents. Then don’t hesitate to contact our official retailers for any advice before buying a hat like determining your size, find the colour, the material, the shape…

All our hats Legend of Panama are sold with an identity card and an international warranty including a laser hologram as a proof of authenticity. This document is always joined to a control label as a guarantee of the respect of quality control. This latter must have both the making number and the quality manager’s signature. These two documents guarantee the lifetime beauty of your hat, under conditions of a respectful storing and good caring for this exceptional hat. Please go to the page How to Take Care of my Hat.

The warranty Legend of Panama cannot be re-edited or renewed in the case of loss or theft. However it is possible to edit a duplicate copy under the conditions that you would prove the loss or theft with the needed documentation –complaint attestation, a signed statement on oath and a copy of your ID. Please contact our customer service by sending an email at: or via the contact form.